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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Save Hamid Shemshad from Deportation to Iran

International Federation of Iranian Refugees ( IFIR)
Urgent Action

Hamid Shemshad is scheduled to be deported to Iran next Sunday, September 7 by Canadian immigration. He is a well-known political activist and a member of an Iranian political and opposition party. His life will be in danger if he is returned. His deportation must be cancelled and he must be recognised as a refugee by Canadian Immigration.

The International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) calls on concerned individuals and organizations to intervene and put pressure on the Canadian government to cancel his deportation immediately and grant him protection.

IFIR also calls upon all refugees and asylum seekers, progressive political parties, trades unions and civil rights organizations to lend their support.

His supporters have set up a website for people to sign a peition in his defence. You can also send protest letters to the minister of citizenship and immigration in support of Hamid (a sample can be found below) with copies to IFIR and his lawyer.


Honorable Diane Finley
Minister of Immigration and citizenship
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: (613) 996-4974
Fax: (613)996-9749

To the Honorable Diane Finley

I am / My Organization is / writing to express our strongest concern over the fate of Hamid Shemshad, an Iranian asylum seeker in Canada.

He is in danger of deportation to Iran from Canada where he will face persecution as a political opponent of the Islamic regime in Iran.

I / My Organization urge(s) the Canadian government to immediately cancel his deportation order. I also urge the Canadian government to grant him refugee recognition.

I am / We are awaiting your immediate intervention in this life-threatening situation.

Needless to say, the Canadian government will be held accountable for his life and freedom.



International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR)
Tel: (+ 1 604) 727 8986

Please make sure a copy of your letter is forwarded to his lawyer, Peter Edelmann.

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can you plz let me know what happened to him? and how is his status now?