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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some of my upcoming speaking engagements

April 4-5, 2009
International Conference on Secularism, Paris, France
"Bourse du Travail" of Saint-Denis (93200)
9-11, street Génin – (Enter by street Bobby Sands)
Maryam Namazie will be speaking on a panel on the centrality of the struggle for women’s rights from 16h 30 to 18h 30 on April 4. For more information:

17 April 2009, 7.30pm, Conway Hall, London, UK
Islam, Human Rights and Homophobia – A talk by Maryam Namazie sponsored by the Gay And Lesbian Humanist Association. For more information:

20 or 21 April 2009, 7:00-9:00pm, Conway Hall, London, UK (to be announced shortly)
The future for Britian Shariah Law or Secular Law?
Maryam Namazie will be debating Sharia law judge, Anjem Choudary in a programme organised by the Global Issues Society.

21 June 2009, 7.30pm - 9.30 pm, Essex, UK
The Friends Meeting House, 82, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2QL.
Maryam Namazie will talk to the Essex Humanists about Sharia Law and women's rights.

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