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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People's protests continue

The WPI’s Press Centre has received news that up to 150,000 people gathered in front of the Islamic Republic’s News Agency headquarters in northern Tehran in protest despite the request by all factions of the Islamic regime of Iran to refrain from doing so. The crowd is still there.

Right now at around 11.30pm Tehran time, shots have been fired by the regime's security against protestors in Vali Asr, Tehran.

In Kermanshah, at around 9pm the regime’s security forces killed 2 people in Se Rah Javanshir; the protesters are still there.

We have also received reports of confrontations in many parts of Tehran between protestors and security forces of the Islamic regime.

Yesterday, the Islamic Republic’s News Agency headquarters in the northern city of Tabriz was attacked and burned down by the protesters.

To see footage of some of today's protests and days before, click on the Communist Youth Organisation's news centre.

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