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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lifestyle? I don’t think so

Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Lawson!

Many of us have fled the Islamic ‘lifestyle’ you advocate for all to adopt in Britain (Re: We should all adopt an Islamic lifestyle, 20 June, The Independent). Calling it a lifestyle may be useful for writing an article to ingratiate oneself with the Muslim Council of Britain, but Islamic laws are anything but lifestyle choices.

They are imposed by brute force wherever possible.

And by the way - just in case you were visiting another planet and hadn’t heard - the penalty for gambling, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol, which you would like done away with courtesy of an Islamic ‘lifestyle’ is actually execution under Sharia law.

Oh, and so is it for many other things, including having an affair, acts incompatible with chastity, apostasy, blasphemy, homosexuality and so on and so forth.


With the rise of political Islam's influence in the heart of Europe, I would be very careful for what I wish for.


Frank Partisan said...

Good post.

Sometimes progressive people, forget they are secular.

jams o donnell said...

It is a shame that the Independent charges for access to their columnists online as I only buy the Indy sporadically. I would have been interested to see what he had written.

That said he must be an utter fool if he wishes to see Sharia law implemented here!

Agnes said...

Many do that, Jams. However, a very very arrogant approach that, let alone ignorance.

Frank Partisan said...

If you write about Lebanon, please post it at my blog. I know you have insights, you won't hear from anyone else.