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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Islamic Republic of Iran does not dare stone anyone else!

By: The International Committee against Stoning

Stoning is a brutal and medieval weapon for the political Islamic movement in order to create terror in society and maintain power.

The Islamic regime of Iran has stoned the most number of people in the past two decades.
Hundreds of men and women have been killed in this torturous manner because of the regime's intervention in people's private lives and their sexual relations.

Only one of the many cases of stoning is enough to try these criminals in international courts and prosecute them for these unimaginable crimes.

Last week, the lives of 5 people were saved from stoning. Parisa Akbari and Najaf Akbari, were saved from stoning. The Islamic government sentenced them to 99 lashes and 5 years of exile for Najaf Akbari. These decrees of lashing and exile should also be met with public protest. We must do something so the Islamic regime does not dare to flog people either.

It was also announced, last week, that the stoning decrees for Soghra Molayi, Azam Khanjari and Zahra Rezayi had been cancelled.

Right now, 8 people are languishing in Iranian prisons awaiting stoning to death. The spokesperson of the Islamic regime, however, claims that stoning is not practiced in Iran. THis only proves one thing. The Islamic Republic of Iran is under intense pressure due to the outrage against this Islamic brutality.

The International Committee against Stoning will not allow this regime to take any more victims. We will not allow them to stone anybody to death in Iran. The heads of the Islamic government of Iran should be prosecuted and tried for their crimes against humanity.
Stoning is a crime against humanity and it should be immediately banned in Iran and everywhere. The brutal law of stoning should be banned everywhere.

International Committee against Stoning
November 28th, 2006

Translated by: Arash Sorx


Bill Baar said...

Maybe signing these petitions does do some good.

Robin Edgar said...

Stoning the proponents of stoning might be a more effective way of ending stoning though. . . ;-)

pinkfem said...

Violence is barbaric.