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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Neither war nor nuclear weapons!

To sign the below petition, click here.

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our strongest opposition to a US attack or economic sanctions on Iran. These will have devastating consequences for the people of Iran whilst strengthening the Islamic Republic of Iran and further devastating the Middle East. We will not tolerate another Iraq.

We are also unequivocally opposed to the Islamic regime of Iran and its efforts to secure nuclear weapons technology; this will strengthen political Islam in Iran, the region and internationally. We insist upon a nuclear free world.

Rather than appease or defend either side of this conflict, we condemn both. Instead we side with the civilian population and defend the progressive opposition movement in Iran as the most effective means of resolving this crisis.


Mariamariacuchita said...

Condemnation, YES!!!

Frank Partisan said...

The sentiments are correct.

This is one case where more than a petition will do.

Frank Partisan said...

I signed it.

I think we both know, this is bigger than what a petition can do.

Anonymous said...

I signed it. Thanks.

workers are the ones who are protesting today." reported that things do not look good for the regime as they continue their violence against the Iranian people:

Also on NIAC and Trita Parsi:

If this is true and verifiable, the Iranian diaspora should be notified and we should all ask for the dissolution of this organization.

Anonymous said...

no to commies too

Frank Partisan said...

Anonymous: You are out voted. Maryam and I are both Marxists.

Anonymous said...

Person who criticises just a single religion cannot be a Marxist. What about christian terrorists? Hitler and George Bush, both of them said that they do god's work. There is only one difference between Hitler's anti-Marxism and George Bush's anti-Marxism. Hitler's first enemy was Stalin and George Bush's first enemy is Kim Jong il. Kim Jong il is also great atheist. Western christian organisations are alleging that North Korea's government is restricting activities of christian missionaries. Christianity and islam are the most dangerous evils of the world because they are existing in many countries.