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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Islam and BBC 2's Newsnight

I was on BBC 2 TV's Newsnight programme discussing Islam with Benazir Bhutto, Reza Aslan and Sheikh Omar Bakri. You can see it on their site for another 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Could you please write your impression of Reza Aslan? I have friend who went to school with him and he thinks he is an opportunist.

Here is anotehr so-called Iran expert who peddles the reformist's agenda:

SERENDIP said...

Niac's trita parsi is organizing a meeting with , US House of Representatives, Amnesty International, human rights organization to negotiate Iranians lives and liberty as a political leverage:

The title of the meeting: “Human Rights in Iran and US Foreign Policy Options.”

This is unelected body, presenting itself as the voice of Iranain-Americans.

Anonymous said...

The program was a waste of time and money.

Who in the BBC thought that Omar Bakri would admit to all the hate he has been spouting?

the BBC may have the most journalists in the world.. they win in numbers but lose on subtance!