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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Divinely ordained law makes abolition more difficult

To see my interview on the death penalty and Sharia on IPS News, click here.

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Anonymous said...

The article is interesting - because if you spend time in the Islamic world - you will find that the people there are not aware that westerners are upset with their laws and practices -

for example it is just normal to view women as inferior - kind of like the sky is blue -

so we are not talking about bad and good people - we are talking about a system of beliefs.

For western ears - we get the whole moderated version. Islam means peace - Islam treats women with respect. While at the same time in the Islamic world and in Islamic households women live in fear - that if they don't behave in a certain way they could lose their lives. That's normal.

And Namazie is right - what you don't see is the prominent western Islamic speakers taking a stand against these practices - and that is likely because they agree with them - but realise that they can't do them in the west.

In the west you can kill your sister or wife - but likely you will go to prison - in the Islamic world - a woman is half that of a man - and as she is the man's property he can do with her what he wants -

The conundrum is that good people in the Islamic world believe that these things are okay. And they also believe that these host of medieval practices - and limited freedoms - should also be acceptable in the western world. That would be the creeping Sharia - as many educated Muslims believe that the world needs to adopt their way of doing things - over democratic rule.

And this is where the fight is - to maintain our freedoms and rights for all -- and that should include Islamic men, women and children.