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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prosecute Ahmadinejad

M. Ahmadinejad is addressing the United Nations on Wednesday. He is the President of a country that has executed and stoned people in their thousands and in the last three decades, has systematically violated human rights. Islamic government of Iran is a fascist and inhumane government and in the last three months the world has witnessed its criminal acts against the people taking part in the uprising.

Repression, arrests, intimidation, brutal torture and rape and sexual violence against political prisoners in Kahrizak and other prisons are just a few examples of the criminal capacity of this government.

During Ahmadinejad’s presidency, hundreds have been hung or stoned. His government executed Delara Darabi, a 21-year-old child offender. This is the same regime that hung Fatemeh Haghighat Pajooh, along with 8 others, in front of her children in Evin prison.

Stoning has been used during his presidency; oppression of people has been wide-spread. People’s rights have been more widely abused, criminal acts have increased and sexual apartheid has been more strictly imposed. Allowing him to address the United Nations is shameful. In fact, he should be arrested and prosecuted for committing these crimes.

The International Committee against Execution and The International Committee against Stoning are calling for Ahmadinejad and other key government officials to be prosecuted for committing crime against humanity. We call on the public to support this demand and voice their protest against this regime from 23-26 September.

Long live Iranian people’s struggle against the Islamic government of Iran
We say NO to execution
We say NO to inhumane Islamic rules

Mina Ahadi
0049 177 569 24 13

Farshad Hosseini

The International Committee against Execution
The International Committee against Stoning
19 September 2009

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