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Friday, April 16, 2010

May Day - Day of international solidarity with the revolution of the people of Iran

To world’s workers’ organisations, leaders and activists

May Day 2010

Among the issues dominating May Day 2010 is expected to be solidarity with the people of Iran who have heroically risen up against the Islamic Republic. This magnificent revolution of the people against discrimination and inequality and for freedom has already generated a wave of hope and solidarity throughout the world. And on May Day, naturally, workers will be at the forefront of this unprecedented global solidarity.

No other class than the working class has as great an interest in the destruction of the Islamic Republic – this head of the political Islamic movement and chief source of world reaction. No other class than the working class is as greatly in need of revolution against the regime of sex apartheid, which has turned total inequality of women into a cornerstone of its regime. No other class than the working class has as great an interest in overthrowing this brutal system of imprisonment, torture, execution, repression and absolute lack of rights and in establishing the widest possible freedoms. No other class than the working class has as great an interest in pulling down this system of savage exploitation, which has driven the livelihood of the great majority to under the poverty line, while fattening up a parasitic few under the cloak of Islam.

The Islamic Republic was set up precisely in order, first, to suppress a working class which had risen up in the 1979 revolution; and, secondly, to make the Islamic holocaust a blueprint, an instrument and a pretext for attacking the people, civil rights and values and struggles for freedom in the Middle East and the world. Now that the people of Iran have risen up in revolution against the Islamic Republic, they should naturally find their most fervent allies amongst the workers of the world.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on all workers’ organisations, leaders and activists, all organisers and participants of this year’s May Day rallies to turn May Day 2010 into a day of international solidarity with the people of Iran. The revolutionary struggle of the people of Iran against one of the most brutal capitalist regimes in the world should feature prominently in this year’s May Day rallies, banners and speeches. The immediate demands of the people of Iran should be adopted as resolutions of the rallies. These demands, which have been raised in mass demonstrations, strikes and workers’ manifestos in Iran, include:

- Immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners;
- Abolition of the death penalty;
- Prosecution of all those who ordered and those who carried out the recent killings of protesters;
- Unconditional freedom to organise, strike and set up political parties;
- Abolition of compulsory veil and gender apartheid;
- Immediate increase in the minimum wage to one million Tomans ($1,000) per month.

WPI call on all Iranians abroad to join its organisations around the world at the May Day rallies to celebrate May Day and to mobilise the strongest possible international support for the struggle of the people of Iran against the Islamic Republic and for the cause of freedom and equality.

Long live May Day
For workers’ international solidarity
Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran
For a socialist republic

Worker-communist Party of Iran

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