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Friday, July 27, 2007

Not very futile

The July 30 issue of The Nation magazine has published in-depth interviews with 50 US veterans of the Iraq war describing the US military’s heinous, callous and systematic acts of inhumanity and brutality against the people of Iraq.

According to the one, thousands of raids have taken place on private homes, at dead of night, that are ‘mostly futile’.

Well, not really, if your goal is to terrorise and terrify an entire population.

Which is why the USA’s war on Iraq is nothing but state terrorism - pure and simple.

It is meant to target civilians – men, women and children. As is Islamic terrorism.

Civilians are their first targets; their main targets.

As I have said before, they breed off each other, depend on each other, and use the very same tactics.

They represent the same abysmal new world order for 21st century humanity.


For anyone who still thinks otherwise, the interviews in The Nation are an important read.

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SERENDIP said...

Don't forget Iran's collaboration with the occupation forces. MUST SEE:MUST WATCH VIDEO FROM AL JAZEERA, discussing the IRan-US talks on IRAQ

This is how most Sunnis (1 billion sunni vs. 300 million shia) feel about Iran: