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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stop Kobra Najjar's stoning

Equality Now has just issued an urgent action calling for the immediate release of Kobra Najjar, who is at risk of imminent execution by stoning for prostitution.

They have just heard from her lawyer that all legal appeals have been exhausted and she could be executed at any time.

Please go to the Women's Action Update and take action to stop the stoning of Kobra Najjar!


It seems it is not enough to have made Iran into the execution capital of the world (per capita that is). The regime's Islamic Assembly is set to ratify a bill that will further increase the number of crimes punishable by death to incude 'crimes' ‎deemed to 'disrupt public security' and to 'intensify the scheme of punishment for disrupting the mental security of society.'

The bill establishes that 'weblogs and sites promoting corruption and ‎apostasy are deserving of capital punishment.'

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