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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Behnoud Shojaie was executed at dawn today in Iran

Today, one day after the International Day against the Death Penalty, the Islamic Republic of Iran executed juvenile offender Behnoud at dawn despite the widespread international and national campaign to save his life. He was executed whilst hundreds had gathered in his defence outside Evin prison in Tehran, including his family and the mothers of those killed and disappeared.

The Islamic regime has stepped up its machinery of executions and stonings, including sentencing four protesters from the recent protests to death for fear of the unfolding revolutionary movement in Iran.

Its execution of Behnoud and the threat of execution of others must be met with worldwide outrage and condemnation.

Whilst expressing our condelences to Behnoud's grieving family, Iran Solidarity calls on people everywhere to step up their campaigning against child executions and the death penalty in Iran.

Enough is enough!


AM said...

Disgraceful but no real surprise. It is how they maintain the regime of terror

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Even animals are not as cruel

Anonymous said...
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