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Friday, October 23, 2009

One Law for All is against the Beth Din too

James writes: ‘Just signed the petition, very much support it but there is a problem which is that the Jewish community already have the same idea [Jewish Beth Din] and it's in place and [I understand] legally recognised ... if they have it then the argument against Sharia is weakened, the battle needs to widen and include the Jewish law courts and get those stopped.’

Maryam Namazie responds: The One Law for All Campaign is opposed to all religious councils and tribunals including the Beth Din. If you look at our petition it calls for an end to all of them. But we’re focusing on Sharia because it is something close to our hearts and experience (at least for those of us who started the campaign), because Sharia courts are a tool of the political Islamic movement and also because Sharia courts are more prevalent.

The International Campaign against Sharia Courts in Canada did that too. They focused on Sharia though they were opposed to all types of tribunals and they succeeded in getting rid of them all. That is exactly what we aim to do here.

I was actually a speaker at the first public meeting against Sharia law in Canada. To see my speech there, click here.

Hope this clarifies our position.


Amy Alkon said...

As an ex-Muslim you're very courageous for speaking out. Thank you so much on behalf of everyone who values Enlightenment values and western freedoms.

Anonymous said...
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jeff said...

i find it difficult to understand banning the bet din as who will monitor kasruth? brit mila? you are removing an intergral part of religious life by not allowing people to eat kosher & circumcision - this is a religious freedom. you are going too far & are misinformed.