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Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Farzad is alive

Farzad Kamangar's mother holding his photo. Farzad was executed on May 9.

I woke up crying this morning having dreamt of Farzad Kamangar who was executed early morning on May 9 along with four other political prisoners. I did not know him but his life and humanity have moved me.

Like many others who never met him, I mourn his loss and wonder how long they will kill our loved ones whilst the world stands aside and looks…

I held my sleeping four year old son close to me and thought of Farzad’s mother who had lost her most precious beloved to the killing machine that is the Islamic regime of Iran.

‘My Farzad is alive’ she shouted in a face off with the regime’s security.

Yes, he is. And we pledge to keep his memory – and that of so many others - alive by bringing down this brutal regime.

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Behnam Nikzad said...

Thank you, Maryam. What more can one say? You have expressed the feelings of all freedom-loving Iranians in a simple but powerful language. Long live Iran, Free Iran.