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Monday, January 31, 2011

29 January - a successful day of protest against executions and in support of political prisoners

We salute all the people and organisations around the world that came out on Saturday 29 January 2011 making their voices heard to stop executions and in defence of political prisoners in Iran.

As you will see from the photos and videos - the day was a resounding success with 38 events! You can find them here.

Let's continue working together - putting an end to executions in Iran and in defence of political prisoners!

You can sign the petition here.

Also here is the Resolution of the January 29, 2011 Protests:
In Defense of Political Prisoners and against Executions in Iran

1 – We consider execution a criminal and inhumane act and strongly condemn the Islamic regime, the regime of execution and stoning. All death sentences and the death penalties should be abolished immediately.

2 – All political prisoners must be released immediately and unconditionally from the Islamic regime’s prisons. Freedom of opinion, expression, association, assembly, protest, strike, dress, and and to have or not to have a religion are unquestionable rights of all people.
3 – We demand full political and diplomatic isolation of the Islamic Republic, the closure of its embassies, and the expulsion of the Islamic Republic from the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, and all international institutions.

4 – We call on all world governments to condemn the Islamic Republic for the crimes it has committed, and to demand abolishment of the death penalty and the immediate release of all political prisoners. We strongly condemn the silence, the cooperation, and the policy of appeasement of the world's governments in the face of the Islamic regime’s crimes. Iranian people will not forgive the silence of these governments and the United Nations.

5 - We firmly support the Iranian people's rightful struggle, we declare our solidarity with them, and we ask the humane world to show solidarity with the Iranian people to overthrow the Islamic regime.

For more information, contact Patty Debonitas, Spokesperson of Iran Solidarity at

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