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Friday, March 31, 2006

How nice of them!

Abdul Rahman, the convert to Christianity, who had been deemed an apostate and faced execution in 'liberated' Afghanistan, has been granted fast-track asylum, and spirited to Italy. We are told he will eventually be able to decide whether he will remain in Italy or move to Germany!

Ahh, how nice of them.

They are letting him choose.

Umm, hadn't Abdul Rahman already reached the relative safety (or so he thought) of Germany some while back, lived there for nine years and was forced to return after having been deemed a 'failed' asylum seeker.

Not 'genuine' - like most of those fleeing Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan - until today...

Well, better late than never I suppose. At least for Abdul Rahman who managed to evade death.

Now what about the rest?


Frank Partisan said...

Great post, directly to the point.

Jennifer said...

Many won't get asylum--the ones who do are always the tip of the iceberg.