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Saturday, March 11, 2006

No Comment Needed

I thought I'd share some of the more interesting emails I have received regarding the caricatures (!?!):

This one is from Bilal Mahmoud, a student in Denmark:


Listen, you really must be crazy in re publishing those damned cartoons !
are you really that ignorant ?

okay, maybe Iran has seen some cruel stuff, but why blaim it on ISLAM ? i
bet you dont know what half of ISLAM is about ? i bet you dont know what
the word of ISLAM means...i bet and i bet....

well listen, in order for us to live a secure life, we must cooperate NOT
dont play the "cat & mouse" game......its only for stupid people, and i dont
believe you are ! or are you ?

when you watch the world gonig nuts about something like these
cartoons....making demonstrations, burning flags etc....its because they are
PISSED OFF ! so why do you want to increase this FIRE ??

WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

I bet you lived a harsh life as a young girl in Iran, but dont genrealize !!
ISLAM is growing and will always could try to stop, if
you can, but if you want to try that let me give you a hint:

it wont stop it by publishing those will in fact increase
faith... and islam will continue to grow til you is unstoppable,

Anyway, you may have your fun now....but if i was you, i would stop this non
sense...and try to be realistic, instead of trying to be somebody you are
not, and trying to get fame from media !

lets see if you even can respond to this email ?

Yes i think that some people do wrong and crazy stuff, but then again
anybody can carry the title "muslim" but are they really? do they really
follow the rules of islam ?

please study islam well before critisizing something you dont know of !

i am a student in Denmark, i am living an amazing life...SOOOOO HAPPY, im a
muslim hamdulillah....i mix with non muslims at school, i am not extremist !
im not just a normal muslim, you know, one of the guys you are
not aware of, obviously....haha...

Good luck with whatever you are doing....but trust me you are going in a


yours sincerely;


And here's another precious one from Mohammad Yaffa, a proud Muslim - as if we needed any reminding - demanding I be removed from the Canadian Council of Refugees' list (he doesn't know I was removed a long time ago - see my article on this issue.)

"Maryam Namazi is remonved from theCCR list. She is insghting hate. I don't care about your conception of me. My conception of myself is what I know is valid to me. Agian, you are in the same illogical line of mess and insanity with Morhyam BNaomazi. I want to expose you. You are the extremist. You are the illogically afraid and ignorant. And I shall work to see that MAryam Namazi exists not a list where I have access, until she speaks like a sane human being. I am so disgusted by people like you who have no origin or aim other than destroy. You are the one who is scared of Islam. And again, I am so hurt by your insensitivity and the killing of the people of Iraq by Sadam, who is a circularist like you, and by you and your aids who are massacring people today in Iraq and elsewhere. You are directly responsible for all the atrocities in this world. But unfortunately, it doesn't get into your stupid head. And always remember, without Islam, you Arabs would have been with the camels raiding each other on tribal grounds, marrying everyone, burying your daughters alive. So don't give me your stupid crap, you copy cat.

I remain, a proud Muslim,

Mohamed Yaffa"

And how about this one from Em-kay:

"Dear Moryom Mozo,

I read your petition. Thanks for sending the carecatures out. I think you are doing good. It will serve to end the tension and break Islam and it prophet down. Let's sign the petition and spread the pictures and get more people on the street. You are a fool, for the lack of a better word to discribe your arrogance.

Talking about freedom of speeech, which is the value we must all belive in, I really want to say things to you and make sure they really hurt you personally, just as a way of exercising hatred for you and because you are not sacred to me and my freedom of speech. I can make it very enjoyable. I don't care if you get hurt, because by caring we give you people ways to stop religion from being practised by those who belive in ithem, in the name of stupid democracy that is destroying lives all over the world. I am thinking about doing it. I am putting it together. I am going to make sure that everyone who reads it really laughs at you, Moryooom MOomozo.

That's my signature to your stupid petition. And hay!!!! if I call you nasty, which I think you are, I am just expressing my freedom. I know my freedom should end at your nose; this time however, I want it to end at your heart. Thanks. Please sing this too, and forward this to as many people as you know.

Em-kay Waii"


Frank Partisan said...

I can't pretend, that I don't worry, when I read letters like that.

I reprinted the manifesto on my blog. The discussion has been good there. Capitalism is the main problem, but Islamism needs to be addressed by the left, or the masses will look elsewhere.


Matt M said...

It's worrying that they never bother to explain why Islam shouldn't be criticised, other than the fact that they don't like it of course.

Instead they just suggest ignorance ("please study islam well before critisizing something you dont know of"), or resort to insults ("You are the extremist. You are the illogically afraid and ignorant.") and barely restrained aggression ("I really want to say things to you and make sure they really hurt you personally").

These types of comments create a far more negative image of Islam than any cartoons ever could.

Great blog, by-the-way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, not only will those moderate Islamist look some where, the need to go there for the salvation of there souls.

Ongelovige said...

Well, Namzi, reading your profile I understand what are you doing, hating Islam earns very well, doesn't it?
What was you in your land, nobody of course, but now you are somebody, well done.
You are an uitstanding opportunist.

Anonymous said...
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