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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is this United Against Fascism's official position?

I was just told that the lead spokesperson for Leicester UAF has responded on Facebook with the below in response to being asked why they marched in support of Sharia Law in London in June 2010:

'If Jews were the primary target of the EDL and solidarity with them meant standing with hardcore zionists, would that mean there was total confusion within UAF on Palestinian rights, or simply that solidarity with groups who are faced with persecution by fascists is not conditional upon their acceptance of a certain political or religious line? Indeed in the resistance to the Nazis during WW2, communists and zionists often united on that very basis'.

Here is my brief response, which I can't post on Facebook as it has blocked me from sending messages because I posted less than ten posts on Iran Solidarity, Save Sakineh and other campaign sites on the protests against Ahmadinejad's visit to the UN. Here it is:

It is this sort of warped logic that puts ‘progressive’ groups in bed with fascists – albeit the Islamic kind. Basically this logic sees people as being one and the same with far-Right reactionary organisations and movements. Jew=Zionist or Muslim=Islamist. Muslim=Islamic regime of Iran… I suppose given this sad logic, I should have joined forces with the BNP after the terrorist attack on July 7 in London!?!? British=British Nationalist Party? In the world according to the likes of the UAF, Muslims, and people living under Sharia law are one and the same with the regimes and the Islamic movement that is repressing them and that they are struggling against.

In any case, is this the UAF’s official policy? We are still waiting for a response on our letter on your position:

How pathetic if this is it.

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Hellraker said...

Have you read the article by Nick Cohen in Standpoint magazine?
Radical Islam's Fellow-Travellers

Leon Trotsky and what he thought of the fellow travelers of Communism as practiced in Russia.

I see the same things happening with so-called anti-fascist movements in Western societies. As if, there is only either the one or the other. No other points of view.