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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sharia law is important but not for the reasons given by Abu Dhabi’s king

During a tour of Birmingham, the Abu Dhabi King’s special adviser Ali Al Hashmi declared that that the King has “great faith” in Nuneaton’s Sharia court, which according to the Coventry Telegraph hears cases on family law, forced marriages, charity law, and inheritance disputes. He went on to highlight the importance of Sharia law in Britain.

As One Law for All has revealed in its recent report; Sharia Law in Britain; A Threat to One Law for All and Equal Rights, Sharia courts like the one in Nuneaton are important for very different reasons than the ones stated by the King’s advisor. Far from being the first, the Nuneaton court is one of many legislating mysogyny and discrimination and violating fundamental human rights. Under Sharia law, custody of children is automatically granted to the father at a preset age, regardless of the welfare of the child. In inheritance disputes, females inherit only half of the male members of their family. Also a woman’s testimony is only considered half of a man’s.

One Law for All will continue to challenge the existence of these courts until they are disbanded.

All citizens must have equality before the law and not be relegated to parallel religious legal systems that deny fundamental rights and freedoms available to 21st century citizens.

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