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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ban Child Veiling

See Reza Moradi's brilliant animation calling for a ban on child veiling by clicking here.

If you want to know, why child veiling should be banned, read my article on it by clicking here.

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Naj said...

hi Maryam,

I am totally d'accord with the idea of no veiling for children (and adults) by force. But I am also against the idea of unveiling by force.

I grew up in Iran and hijab was legislated on me when I was in grade 2. Until grade 5, I benefited from the relaxed and confused implementation of Hijab in my semi-private school (i.e. a private school gone public after revolution); but in grade 5 I would get a 'zero de conduit' if I was not covering my hair well. (I remember I had long hair and as much as I tried to cover my forehead, I had my hair stick out of the back of my scarf! To have to wear that nuissance was not pleasant, but to use dress as a form of expression of identity was. To resist the rules by sticking my hair out from the back of the scarf, was a resistance to the ban on freedom of dress.

What I am trying to say is, when such bans are implemented, in either direction, they give ideological power to exactly what they ban. If you try hard to unveil women, it means that you have given the veil an eminent political power. To ignore it, to let it be, to let it be just a color, just a style, just a choice of a culture is much more neutralizing, politically, in my opinion.