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Sunday, November 05, 2006

In pursuit of Khatami, a wanted man

The visit to the UK of Khatami, the ex-president of the Islamic regime of Iran, was an attempt by the British government and its cohorts in academia and foreign policy think tanks to promote a kinder gentler Islam with Khatami as the poster boy. They failed in their attempt to cover up the ugly face of this brutal regime because of our protests. We showed the world that he is a wanted man for crimes against the people of Iran, despite the absurd protestations that he was only the president and a ‘reformist’ at that!

Of course he came and went but not in the manner they had wanted. Whilst St. Andrews gave Khatami his honorary doctorate of law, the laureation address had to say: ‘Our University cannot offer … endorsement for each of his beliefs or for actions carried out in his name.’ Khatami also had to enter via a side entrance when he got to Chatham House in London because of the protests by hundreds who had gathered there to expose him. Moreover, much of the media reports around his visit mentioned his crimes and role in the vile Islamic regime of Iran.

Clearly, we will not allow him or any of the other heads of the regime to come and go as they please and deceive the world with talk of civilisations and cultures and what not in an effort to whitewash the slaughter that has taken place in Iran.

We will continue to represent the desire of the people of Iran and the world to rid itself of this inhumanity.

Until next time.

Maryam Namazie

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