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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Women's Right to Equality

See article in The Australian, which quotes my piece on the veil by clicking here.

BTW, thanks for all the comments you have made here, in other blogs and or via email.

I will discuss the points you have raised along with those in the above article in my next TV programme.


Apoplexy said...


Anonymous said...

I saw your team's comment on Aryamehr's blog and was curious if you had read this piece about the growing population of Iranian prostitutes domestically and overseas. Jihadis and Whores

The sale of Iranian women mainly to Eastern Europe and the United Arab Emirates is old news but this sheds some light on the statistics and general affect on population and child-birth. It's always shameful and disturbing to read about and genuinely makes me sorrowful everytime I hear about what's happening to our women and culture.

My blog is anti-Islamic Republic, and for pro-democracy regime change.

Be Sepas,


Dahlia said...

Is there a way to see that show? a link? podcast?

Maryam Namazie said...

Yes, you can go to every Tuesday evening to see the week's programme. Unfortunately, I was out sick this past week so was unable to tape my programme; I will address comments on the blog in next week's programme.