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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on Protest at St. Andrew's University

The protest was covered in several papers:

The Herald

The Guardian

International Herald Tribune

Jerusalem Post

The West Australian

A couple of media outlets also pictured Sirvan Qaderi at the protest including the BBC and Scotsman:

For those who live in London, hope to see you at the demo today at Chatham House.


Anonymous said...

hello mary!!
yesterday cummonist with red flag of Soviet Union and today Secular with flag of freedom and democray!!!
what a life!
yestreday seving keremlin in Moscow and today serving white house in Washingtn!

actually poeple like you like to sweam always in the same direction of river flow, because they are very weak to exist with their own ideas, this is becasue their idea is weak as well!
the thing i really like about your bloody enemy so called ''Imam Khomeyni'' is HE SAID WHAT HE DID BELIEVE NOT WHAT OTHERS WANTED HIM TO BELIEVE!!!

but anyway i do not know why for some unknown reason i like you!!! actually i never hate you i only disagree you!!

Good luck

your friend Jafar Al-Sayed Noor

Anonymous said...

A photograph of Mohammed "Dialogue of Civilizations" Khatami at work in Iran:

That's the same Khatami who gave a talk at Harvard called "Ethics of Tolerance in the Age of Violence" in September 2006.