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Friday, January 15, 2010

Islamic Republic’s Embassies should be shut down!

Islamic Republic’s embassies should be shut down. This is the command of the people’s revolution in Iran. This is the command of the people that in the past seven months have shown the world that they do not want the Islamic regime and want to topple it. Islamic Republic’s embassies pretend to act in the name of the Iranian people; but in fact not only they do not represent the people in Iran, but also they are against the people. These are the centers of the enemies of the people abroad.

A regime that is in power with the use of bullying, force, oppression, torture, rape, and execution cannot and should not have the right to claim representing the people abroad. Islamic Republic embassies are the extension of the oppressive machinery of the Islamic republic; they are centers of conspiracy against and assassination of opposition abroad.

In the name of freedom and in defense of the heroic struggle of the people in Iran we demand immediate closure of Islamic Republic’s embassies all around the world. Every second that these centers of conspiracy and assassination of the Islamic regime abroad continue to be means approving the Islamic regime’s oppressive measures and violation of the right of the people in Iran. Standing masses in Iran will not forgive such an act.

In the name of victims of thirty years of crimes of the Islamic regime, in the name of those who in the recent months lost their lives in front of the world’s eyes, in the name of Neda, Sohrab, Ashkan, Taraneh, and many others we demand shutting down of the embassies of this criminal regime all around the world. Embassies of the Islamic regime, the centers of conspiracy and assassination should be shut down. Political and diplomatic relations with the criminal Islamic regime should be cut.

We call upon all the people around the world to pressure governments for ending their political, diplomatic, and cultural relations with the Islamic regime in Iran. We call upon all Iranians abroad to use their united power for shutting down the Islamic Republic’s embassies all around the world. We should attack on the regime in concert and do away with the regime abroad.

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Organization Abroad
January 8, 2010

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