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Friday, January 15, 2010

On the resignation of the Islamic regime of Iran's diplomats

Following the resignation of the Islamic regime of Iran’s ambassador in Norway, a former high ranking diplomat added that several other diplomats had also quit their posts. He confessed in an interview that in the past two weeks alone, five diplomats including at consuls or embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Norway, Germany, the UK and France have quit their posts and sought asylum in these countries.

The internal disintegration of the Islamic regime’s forces in Iran and abroad is a result of the overwhelming pressure of the people’s revolution. The Islamic Republic’s ranks are muddled and the regime has no way out. The resignation of its diplomats is a clear sign of the collapsing of the Islamic regime.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls upon all Iranians abroad to join protests at the Islamic regime’s embassies in different cities of the world every Saturday and to expand the protests and demand their closure.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Long Live a Human Revolution for a Human Rule!
Long Live a Socialist Republic!

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Organisation Abroad
January 10, 2009

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