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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

People across the World: Help Organize Groups in the Fight against Execution

By: Farshad Hosseini
Jan 13, 2010

Torture and execution are the only strings in which the Islamic Republic of Iran is hanging from, without which the regime would not last an hour. We need to take away this tool from the Islamic Republic with a forceful, united and pre-planned action throughout the world. The biggest support to the struggle of the Iranian people in toppling this regime of terror and repression will be to organize a vast and powerful social movement. We must fight the repressive policies of the Islamic Republic which includes imprisonment, torture and executions. We need to neutralize and block these criminal policies. We need to attack the tools used by the Islamic Republic in an active and unified manner throughout the world.

Is it possible to confront the executions carried out by the Islamic Republic outside the country?

The front lines for fighting the Islamic republic or any other dictatorial regime are not limited to activities inside the country. Global experiences have shown many times that a struggle beyond the borders have always provided an important trench for the freedom fighters of the world.

If we take a look at the struggles of the people of South Africa, Chile, Cuba, Palestine and other parts of the world against dictatorships, an important factor for bringing down those regimes has always included relentless, united, organized and vast activities outside those countries. The experience of the Iranian people, be it during the Constitutional Revolution of early 1900s or the 1979 revolution and even during the lifetime of the Islamic Republic have always proved that struggles outside the country have had an important effect in paralyzing the regimes. The Islamic Republic is not an isolated island, separated from the global community. The Islamic Republic was born outside the country and even today the outside world has a vital role in preserving this regime. We must cut this regime off from the rest of the world. This is because a regime that is expelled from international gatherings, a regime that is under heavy pressure from protests by people across the world, whose ugly and horrific face is broadcasted, this regime is likened to a rotten fruit that will fall with a slight wind blown at it later on by the people inside the country.

We need to use torture and execution like a chain around the Islamic Republic's neck and we need to use the same chain to end the political, diplomatic and economic life of the Islamic Republic. All over the world, the newspapers, TV stations, news agencies and internet networks, local and international societies, officials, journalists, reporters, human rights activists, members of parliaments, and all governments must designate the Islamic Republic as a symbol of torture, execution and terror. This is our important task ahead. We need to hang this picture of the Islamic Republic around the world.

To the Iranians outside the country and to the freedom loving people of the world:

This is a crucial and defining moment in the history of the world. The heart of the execution capital of the world is about to stop beating. We need to support the movement with full force and we need to try to extract this ugly heart, which is responsible for taking people's lives, out of the global body. The world does not need an execution capital. The world does not need a prison, torture and repression capital. The world does not need a terrorist capital. The world is made for reaping the benefits of infinite material, moral blessings and for the enjoyment of human creativity. Please help us organize units to fight execution. Help us paint the world with human colors. Please help us take bright rays of sunshine to dark cells of the Islamic Republic prisons and to rejuvenate the bright hope of life to the hearts of those condemned to execution.

Help us create groups of struggle against executions throughout the world and turn the world into a relentless fighting unity to save human lives, restore dignity and integrity for individuals. With the creation of these groups, we are in effect building organizations to cut down one of the most barbaric dictatorial regimes in the world.

How do we organize groups or units of struggle against executions?

Creation and organization of units of struggle against execution is simple. We can begin with any number of people anywhere in the world. We can even organize these units with one person. Anyone can create a unit to fight execution in his or her city of residence and announce its existence.

Activities and struggles against execution are also simple and at the same time these activities are vast and extensive, matching the capabilities and creativity of its members, and these include activities in the streets, to activities in the public media, to activities in human rights organizations, to lobbying in parliaments and governments and international organizations.

Activities in the streets can begin with a two people team and a banner asking for an end to executions in Iran. One can lay the slogans in a square, with two magic markers, holding a picture or a placard or hang next to us. We can carry a piece of paper asking people to sign or encouraging them to join our units of struggle. We can have boxes for collecting donations and speak to the locals. Once we layout all these in public, people will start supporting us. They can even give us ideas and more facilities to do engage in even more extensive activities. It's that simple and you can start this work with two interested parties. Even one person can start this work. With the struggle against execution we will get to the heart of the people of the world. With each hour of this work we will find tens and hundreds of supporters for the struggle of the Iranian people. With this type of work we can inscribe the pictures of the hundreds of victims of the Islamic Republic’s executions to the minds of the people of the world.

The range of this work can be extended later depending on how many members are active. We can reach out to newspapers and the media. We can go to the corridors of parliaments and international organizations. We can become vastly active on the internet. We can go to people's houses. We go to universities and schools, shopping malls, sports arenas and we can continue our activities in any gathering place.

We need to start today. Please contact myself or Mina Ahadi and the 'International Committee against execution'. We will join your hands with hundreds and thousands of others who have started this important fight. Our activities, however small, are like a drop of rain that will turn into a flood that will sweep away one of the most professional murdering regimes of the world. We will turn into a pair of scissors that will cut through the execution ropes. We will turn into a mallet that will smash the walls of torture. Stay in touch with us and report on your activities.

Our contact information:
Farshad Hosseini
Phone: 00316812851284
Mina Ahadi
Phone: 00491775692413

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