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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Kahrizak case shall not be closed until the fall of the Islamic Republic

It is seven months since the Islamic Republic has been floundering under the pressure of its own villainy in the infamous hellhole of Kahrizak. It is seven months since they have been trying to rid themselves of the pressure of this case. They have bustled a lot to conceal their crimes. They have scrabbled a lot to put the blame of their savagery, torture, murder and rape on a few scrubs and peons, and have declared that the case was closed. Khamenei said some had been subject to cruelty in Kahrizak, but that the “arbitrary acts” in Kahrizak were nothing compared to “the cruelty inflicted on the system”. They awarded the “Kahrizak” torturers and promoted them. They proclaimed that exposing the villainy constitutes animosity towards the regime and is thus punishable.

But our revolution has forced them into a step-by-step and humiliating retreat. The "Special Commission to Investigate the Kahrizak Detainees” has acknowledged the murder of three detainees under torture, i.e. Mohsen Ruholamini, Mohammad Kamrani, and Javidifar. It has named Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s loathed prosecutor and a darling of the Supreme Leader, as the main accused. It has also admitted to cruelty and savagery by 12 security officers and several torturers of the Judiciary.

Emergence of this report by itself is a retreat; it is repentance by Khamenei and the regime of 30 years’ execution, torture and savagery, under the pressure of us, the people’s protests and revolution. But we the people are not satisfied with these retreats. They have confessed to the torture, murder and savagery, yet on November 13 a member of the executive board of the Islamic regime’s parliament claimed that “12 members of the security forces were charged and their charges were quickly dealt with by the prosecutor’s office of the armed forces’ judiciary organization.” This is the Islamic Republic’s futile efforts to bring an end to this case. But we the people say:

First of all, so far as you have confessed to your crimes, tortures and savagery, Saeed Mortazavi and other murderers, torturers and those who have issued the orders from top to bottom should be prosecuted in open public courts in the presence of international commissions and media. Declaring this case closed through the farcical, dirty games of closed sessions of the "prosecutor’s office of the judiciary organisation” is unacceptable.

Secondly, we know that this regime’s barbaric crimes and savagery in Kahrizak were much more brutal than what is reflected in that report. The number of our loved ones who were killed in this house of torture and those others in the past few months was a lot more than those tens who are known by their name and personal identity. We will not allow the Islamic Republic to escape its responsibility for these crimes. We the people know that Kahrizak is only one of Islamic republic’s numerous dungeons of torture. We the people know that there are thousands of our children accused of the crime of demonstrating and demanding freedom in Evin, Gohardasht, Eshratabad and other numerous prisons and hellholes of the Ministry of Information and security forces and other abominable establishments, under brutal pressure. Kahrizak symbolises all of the Islamic Republics’ prisons, and this regime’s entire inhumane system of judiciary and law enforcement. We will ruin the Kahrizak on top of this regime. We will celebrate the glorious memory of each and every one of this regime’s victims. We will prosecute the butchers and, before all others, their supreme leader himself. All the political prisoners, all of those arrested in the protests should be released immediately. Case files of the crimes in all prisons should be opened. All of those who directly or indirectly were involved in torture, rape, arrests and murders should be made known to the public and prosecuted. This is one of our, the people’s, immediate demands. Freedom of opposition, unconditional freedom of speech, freedom of protest and demonstrations constitute the base and foundation of our struggle and revolution. A cardinal basis of this revolution is that there should be no more political prisoners and political prisons in this country.

We have forced the Islamic regime to repentance, and we will declare and realize all these aims, not as requests from the detestable regime of Islamic republic, but as the commands of the revolution. We will bring down the regime of oppressors, torturers and murderers, and will prosecute all its leaders and officials in open and fair trials for crimes against humanity.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran
Long live freedom, equality, human rule
For a socialist republic

Worker-communist Party of Iran
13 January 2010

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