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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sharia law does bear strange fruit - blood on the leaves and blood at the roots

The Islamists (I wouldn't call them Muslims) who came to the Dublin World Atheist Conference to 'positively and intellectually engage' (their words) with PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins and I (I am finding myself in excellent company these days) have put together a video of their encounters.

Interestingly, whilst they have included their comment to my speech on the Islamic inquisition, and given an introduction saying that my speech was 'agressive,' 'hate-filled' and 'caticaturing Islam and Islamic law,' neither my speech nor my response to the question raised has been included (starting at 29:10 of the video below).

Now this is most likely because I am a woman/slut/slave (you know the drill)and therefore not meant to be seen and heard and definitely not meant to be answering back.

When I mentioned on Twitter how 'brave' they had been at leaving my response out, I was told that the video was merely a trailer (all 37 minutes of it) and that more was to follow....

Well don't hold your breath.

Thankfully, the event was videotaped and videos of the discussions will be made available in time. However, since that may take a while, let me just quickly respond to the Islamist's comment here:

I always find it surreal when an Islamist makes a comment or asks a question at one of my talks as I know full well that the 'engagement' is for public consumption. There is no engagement and no time for niceties in countries where they rule (and even in 'communities' here where they have the upper hand). They just hang apostates like myself from cranes in city centres - no questions asked.

The Islamist commenting on my speech says he has studied Sharia law for ten years; well I have lived it. And whilst he is right that Sharia law bears fruit it is not in the way he portrays but more like the 'strange fruit' Nina Simone sings of - blood on the leaves and blood at the roots...

Anyway here is a link to PZ Myer's discussion of the video.

Here's the video itself:


Humanity Sucks said...

Excellently explained... the iERA goons are whining about the conference because they made themselves look like complete fools...

Anonymous said...

YAWN!!! blah blah..muslims....blah blah blah...muslims. one trick pony comes to mind.

Beginning to wonder whether you are actually an atheist or you just jumped on their bandwagon as some sort of platform to whine about muslims.