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Monday, June 13, 2011

Video of Islamic Inquisition speech at the World Atheist Conference in Dublin

Thanks to Ruairi OBaoill for putting my speech on the Islamic Inquisition at the World Atheist Conference in Dublin on Youtube so that people can see the speech and discussion that the Islamists attending conveniently censored.

Here's my previous comment on the questions they raised.


Anonymous said...

Not censored, the video that was uploaded clearly said that it was just the footage - the full documentary will be coming once edited...
Lies after lies from you...

Anonymous said...

Yes. It was censored footage because it clearly wasn't 'just the footage'. You neglected to leave Maryam's reply to the question raised, therefore it was censored.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:03 pm- the lies are from you O ignorant one.

Crispy Sea said...

Thanks Maryam, your words have soothed my conscience. I have blogged against Islamism for some time now but have always felt I was getting into bed with the far right, or the Zionists; an uncomfortable place for a free-thinking lefty to find oneself as you state so clearly in the speech. Keep up the brilliant work.
You have as much of my support as I can muster.
("The Evil of Islam")

Dark Star said...

I very much enjoyed listening to your talk, thank you for all you have done.

It agree that it is important that we carefully distinguish between real prejudice and rational, reasoned and factual opposition.

I would like to add one comment, the Islamist who claimed that Sharia Law contributed so much was clearly conflating Arabic & Middle-eastern society, culture, and science with Sharia Law.

Indeed, Mesopotamia (in the area of modern day Iraq and surrounding region) was the birthplace of civilization begging with Sumer and Ur. These cultures STILL harbored much prejudice and violence but they were progressing. Architecture, law, philosophy, and fledgling sciences all came from these cultures and cultures they later influenced.

And even through the middle-ages, some of these areas were bastions of scientific thought and progress.

But this progress comes to a grinding halt under the full force of Sharia Law as it is practiced TODAY in so many regions.

thinking smurf said...

Thank you Maryam, that was very inspiring.

You pretty much said what I wanted to say to that Muslim speaker. Ex-muslim atheists like myself have to live with the threat of real violence. I live in East London, in a very Muslim populated area and I have to watch what I say in public because there is hostility out there against people like us. Only recently, a school teacher near where I work, was beaten very badly because he taught religious studies to young Muslim girls in the local school. The most hostile us atheists will get, is write a strong worded blog.

I'm a recent ex-muslim and an atheist, and have started blogging about my views on Islam. I hope you'll have a look at it if you get a moment.

Keep fighting the good fight.
Thinking Smurf.

Anonymous said...

rewe love u ,we are on same page,evil muslim